“Your words are powerful, be careful how you talk to yourself”

Having a positive mindset is so important to help us move forward in our lives. Help your child have belief in themselves by reminding them of how kind & thoughtful they are, and instil courage that they can achieve anything they set out to do.

By repeating positive affirmations everyday, out loud or in our heads, it is proven to have a positive effect on our mental health & wellbeing.

It’s best to keep these statements short so that they’re easy to remember, and in the present tense so that it’s relative to ‘now/today’ rather than sometime in the future.

Write out a couple of these on sticky notes & pop onto the fridge, bathroom mirror, wardrobe door etc., where your child will see them throughout the day. You can also say them out loud with your child and make up your own affirmations too.

* Mistakes help me learn and grow

* I can do anything I put my mind to

* I go after my dreams

* I am a problem solver

* I believe in myself

* I am strong, inside and out

* I cheer myself up when it gets hard

* I talk about my feelings

* I am brave enough to try new things

* Learning is my superpower

* I listen to my teachers

* I get better at things when I practice

* When I don’t succeed at first, I try again

* I ask for help when I need it

* I am kind

* I am safe

Feel free to print and cut the image below & pop the affirmations around the house or place one in your little ones pencil case or lunch box each day!

Let’s empower our children to be self aware, self accepting & confident in their abilities.