Along with batch cooking & constant cleaning, here’s what I had been doing in preparation for labour & birth:

🌿Pelvic floor exercises.. Something all of us women can do throughout our lives to keep our pelvic floor strong and hold our organs in place!

🌿Reflexology.. I was at a slight advantage, I know! Because of lock down, I had to work on myself throughout my pregnancy, something you can do for yourself too. Reflexology gives countless benefits to you & your baby’s wellbeing! Book yourself in for some treatments if you can, you won’t regret it, or contact me & I’ll happily send you on some reflex points to help alleviate your symptoms!

🌿Birthing ball.. I was constantly bouncing and moving around on this, from about week 32 onward. It’s to help the baby get into position for birth.

🌿Raspberry leaf tea.. This apparently helps to tone the uterus – worth a go drinking 2 cups a day from week 34, and it tastes lovely too if you ask me!

🌿Resting & Napping.. absolutely guilt free!!

(One of the advantages of being off work is napping when ever you feel like!)

🌿Walking.. I tried to get out for a walk everyday, my energy levels dipped a bit towards the end, so a short walk was plenty for me some days. It’s important to stay fit for labour! When I’d get home from my walk, I’d usually have a nap/rest!

🌿Hypnobirthing.. I’d been listening to the GentleBirth app a lot, where there are meditations, affirmations & hypnosis to listen to in preparation for labour. I have been listening to it postpartum too! It’s just great for getting you into the best headspace & we all know how important mindset is!

🌿Stretching.. & a little Yoga and Pilates. I wasn’t very consistent with the latter two, but I listened to my body and took to the mat when I felt like it.

🌿Bathing.. I love having baths. They help me to relax, wind down & soothe aching muscles. Add Epsom Salts and bubbles… blissful.

🌿Essential oils.. all depending on how I feel, they’re excellent for emotional support. I always diffuse oils to uplift my mood or to help me to relax & feel grounded. Check out previous posts on what dōTERRA essential oils can help relieve symptoms of pregnancy.

🌿Perineal massage.. recommended from week 34ish to help reduce your chances of tearing during childbirth.

🌿Massaging my bump.. I’d been using mainly oils or oil based products on my tummy after my shower each day to help keep the skin supple and ultimately keep stretch marks to a minimum. The baby loves this little massage too, it’s a fab way to connect!

Let me know of any other suggestions/recommendations that you have tried & tested – I’d love to hear about them!!

Don’t forget to share with your pregnant friends!!

Neasa x