10 reasons why children should have reflexology!

It’s very easy to think that children don’t suffer from aches or pains, and that adults are the only ones that need to be physically pampered from time to time. 

However, any parent who’s had to cope with the worry of watching their children teething, fighting off infections (very common in the under-developed immune systems of children), suffering ear/eye problems, insomnia, digestive issues or confidence problems are very aware of the fact that children do need to be pampered too!

Every parent wants to see their children and babies happy and healthy, and reflexology is undoubtedly one of the best natural alternative medicine to achieve this. It involves gentle pressure applied on the feet to help stimulate the proper functioning of organs and body systems, as well as strengthening the immune system against all types of diseases. For parents, it’s a very rewarding way to help children in their early years and it may be applied without any problems. It is simple, nurturing and safe.

10 Benefits

• It’s a very effective way for parents to help their children to be healthy. It promotes an emotional bond between parents and children and is easy to learn if the parent is interested in being the one who performs the massage.

• Helps balance the organs, body systems and emotional energy.

• Stimulates blood circulation, helping to deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to all body cells.

• Stimulates the functioning of the endocrine glands, which produce hormones, etc.

Balances the body’s vital energy to help combat muscle and back pain, and can help reduce headaches, migraine, eye problems, and issues such as glue ear.

Supports the body’s defences against respiratory problems such as colds, coughs, sore throats and tonsillitis.

• It helps to relax children when they are upset or crying. It helps them sleep, combats insomnia, which in turn improves concentration on school days.

• Reflexology helps to regulate the digestive system. One of the problems that can occur in the first few months of life is colic, which is due to the development of the immature digestive system. Reflexology can help regulate and reduce the symptoms of colic and can also combat diarrhoea or constipation – it helps to tone the intestines and encourage their smooth operation.

• It helps to strengthen and balance the immune system. This is very important as it can help the child to fight the germs and foreign bodies that fill their environment. A strong immune system can prevent infection and allergies for the rest of our lives. 

• It encourages the self-healing capacity of the body. Unlike conventional medicines, which often focus on treating symptoms rather than addressing the causes of ailments, Reflexology balances and encourages self-healing, making children strong and resistant to infections and diseases of all kinds.

Children grow up healthier and less dependent on doctors and medicines, and will have a growing confidence that their body has an amazing ability to heal and repair itself, with only a little help from us, such as Reflexology, preparing them for lives less dependent on drugs.

Is it safe?

Reflexology is absolutely safe! It even provides beneficial effects, such as relaxation, wellbeing and emotional regulation. The healing power of touch is something that children need to balance their energy system, providing them with confidence and security.

I regularly run baby & child reflexology classes online. This gives parents & primary care givers an excellent opportunity to learn & apply reflexology techniques to their babies & children – and reap the benefits listed above!

Neasa ✨